Re~birthing Process

So I am making connections again with my Christianity. Coming into the realization that just like anything else, not everyone is going to agree with how you go about things. It just has to be authentic inside. I am working on a piece about religious tolerance. When it is ready I will post it. I am excited about it so I can’t wait to finish but it needs to be right 🙂 So for now, here is a little prayer to kick off a new point in my life where I am feeling more validated about my own beliefs. . .


A prayer

Source of my being, hear me the way that I know that you will. I know that you have given me everything that I need to live this life. . . but right now I feel like it is all gone. I love and then I hate. I am smart and then I am stupid. I am clear and then I am confused. I am creative and then I am empty. In my silence oh creator, please feel me in what I feel. Be where I am and understand me. Please show me where to find what you gave me to handle this hard life, I know it is there, but I forget where I put it while I am doing all of these things that distract me from my truth. Please help me find my clarity again. Please help me find my creativity, my intelligence, and my love. Please help me to care for those who need my care. Please help me to protect those who need my protection. Please help me to complete the work I need to complete. And please God, be with my babies especially in those times that they feel like they don’t have any gifts or can’t find what you gave them. And please make real that protective bubble that I visualize around them each day to protect them from the world and those evil things that might misplace them. And source; help me to feel you inside me so that in respect for you I might respect myself and those who are in my presence. Continue to seek me out the way that you always have. Continue to allow me to feel you with me as I always have.

Honesty and Connection

You know who


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