Keeping The Door Open

It takes a village to raise a family. Remember to give thanks to all those neighbors and friends who help you to stay sane as a single parent. Show your appreciation as often as you can.


My Background
I was raised by both of my parents, but my mom was the heart-beat of our home. She cooked, cleaned, and was always available to anyone who needed her.
I don’t believe I ever heard my mom complain. She was a woman who just catered to the family. Dinner was at 6:30 everyday. Not just during the weekdays- everyday! My mother was able to keep this schedule because she worked part-time. My dad was the soul provider for our house, which made our mom available for us- whenever we needed her. One thing about my parents – they both believed that our front door should stay open- literally. Our friends or anyone who stopped by our house during dinner time was always welcome to stay. Back then, I thought every mom was just like her.
Two Different Households
It wasn’t until I met my best friend Patrick that…

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