A Strange new land

Navigating through these emotions is so consuming
My emotions betray me each and every time
Whenever it is not good for me I am falling
Whenever it’s good for me I am running

When the good feelings come then the confusion
When the bad feelings come then the familiarity
When will my mind leave behind this confusion?
And enter into a realm of clarity

So here I go into the unknown
Ignoring all that I used to trust
Walking with strangers in a new town
Despite all my fear because I know that I must

This maze is weird and scary
It is a strange and new adventure at best
All new definitions must be assigned
To every creature a new name at realities behest

From now on logic must take hold
To lead emotion in the way that it should go
To ensure I am not caught in another emotional stronghold
To ensure the direction of truth is the way that I go

So welcome new creatures and beams of light
Away with you specters and beasts of contrite
Now animated I go away from stagnant death
Bravely walking in this new journey called life


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