The Foolish Finger

Life is so confusing
When flawed logic you are using

In an illusion constantly fooling
Driving you to your constant judging

Closer and closer to your awakening
When you realize that on you was the jesting

Behind your back they all were laughing
Pointing at you while you are spinning

Flailing and grabbing and crying and screaming
Reaching for that which was never existing

Then one day you come to the realization
That all you had was given in contention

The assertion of some one else’s ability to keep you in their jurisdiction
And slowly as the threads loosen
You are naked and without self-possession

And this all may have been avoided
If your own mind you had not evaded

So before you assign yourself the arbiter
Take some time to self discover

Because the foolish finger you are pointing
At you one day it will be aiming


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