I am Jenaya. I am a woman who believes in an inner power within us all. I believe that we are all born with talents and the challenge in life is either to discover them or to use them or both. I am a mother on a journey of self authentication. I believe that if you are not your authentic self then your children can’t know you or love the real you. So many times as parents we stifle our true selves because we think it is the best thing for our children.

This is part of the reason why I created this blog. . . a sort of coming out if you will. I was raised in a mainstream religion. Through many very traumatic life experiences I realized that my spirit was not growing, but being stifled beneath some very coercive and dictatorial teachings. I was not a benefit to anyone around me and I led a very co-dependent life and had a constant paranoid mental dialogue on a daily basis. I didn’t even know what to teach my children because I didn’t want to pass down that same hurt and paranoia to them. I want them to grow up to be confident, independent, at-peace spirits.

Since discovering the Tarot that has changed. The defining moment for me was when I realized exactly what to teach them; that you can trust yourself because the Divine and Eternal Consciousness lives within you with all the answers that you will ever need. You need only to tap into them with deep, pure, honest searching.

I am currently a student studying for my M.A. Marriage and Family Therapy/Counseling. I have been studying the tarot since 2011. I am also a mediator in divorce and parenting issues. What have I learned so far? We all need the empowerment to make decisions. So this is my approach to the Tarot. Empowerment.

~Update September 2013

So some things have changed. Firstly, I changed my major. I am studying Public Administration now. I realized I don’t really have the patience to stay in an educational program for another 4 years (yes! it is that long! :-O)

Secondly, I just want to add something to what I said. Tarot is not the point. Tarot is my tool that I love. The point is this, a sign of growth and maturation in a person is when they can venture within to find the answers. When you are no longer dependent on other earthbound beings for answers to life’s questions. . . when you are able to search your inner power. . . you have taken a step further into the next level of authentic existence.

So yes, I will still post about Tarot. But I do not want to make the mistake of appearing snobbish. Whatever helps you to connect with the Divine, it is good. It does not have to look like what I do or what anyone else does, it just needs to be a personal truth for you. Peace šŸ™‚



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