Tolerance vs Acceptance

Religious tolerance. What does this mean? Does it mean that we tolerate other religions while practicing our own? Does it mean that we acknowledge to some degree that other religions have some truth? If so, does that detract from our own belief? Is there a way to do both? Is there a way to tolerate other religions by acknowledging that there is truth to all religious practices without taking away from our own? And what exactly do we mean by taking away from our own? Could that be a negative thing? Like pieces of a pie is truth dolled out to each religion? If you give a percentage of truth to one then you take that much away from the rest? Or can they all have an entire pie of their own? Perhaps the only thing we take away from our own belief system is the dogma. The dogged fight for the entire pie of truth that causes casualties . . . people pushing away from the table wanting no piece at all.

So what then is religious tolerance? When I think of the word tolerate a feeling of annoyed cooperation comes to mind. A sort of arrogance where you think, “well if I must”, and grit your teeth while deciding not to condemn the other to death for not believing in your God. But that is just me. Merriam Webster’s dictionary defines the word tolerance in a few ways including, “sympathy or indulgence for beliefs or practices differing from or conflicting with ones own”, and “ the allowable deviation from a standard”. Some synonyms of the word indulgence include extravagance, immoderation, and permission to name a few. Is it really so extravagant to merely allow permission for others to practice their own religion? Religious tolerance is easy. After all it only requires you to mind your own business while the next guy minds his. So what is the big deal? What are we really striving for from our neighbor?

Lets look at another word; acceptance. The word “accept” is defined as, “to receive willingly”, “to regard as proper, normal, or inevitable”. Would you rather be tolerated or accepted? I would rather be accepted. So lets change the term we are talking about. Lets talk, religious acceptance. How do we strive for that? How do we get to the point where multiple different religious practices are regarded as proper, normal, and inevitable? At this point I am sure we all know it is inevitable. But have we arrived at proper and normal yet? Do we receive willingly the doctrines of those of different religious and spiritual upbringing? When you were a child could you picture your father allowing a Muslim to come to the dinner table, quote the Koran, bless the food, and commune with this man or woman? How about at a prayer to Allah at baseball game? Anyone? Me either. Once I picked up a Jehovah’s Witness pamphlet and I got a stern talking to. Now my family was very tolerant, but regarding the beliefs of others as proper and normal, not so much. . . . . . TBC


Believe them

So, I read a quote some where once and it said, “People are telling you who they are, BELIEVE THEM!” I must have seen it on Facebook or something. I thought it was pretty good. But I really felt it recently.

As I grow I become more aware of my emotional thought processes. I was dating a guy for about 7 weeks when things began to go south in the 8th week. First I thought, “why is he acting this way?” “Why is he trying to hurt me?” “How could he change so fast from sweet and charming to a complete polar bear?”

Then I remembered that 8 weeks wasn’t that long and the whole point of dating is to figure out who people are and this is just who he is? Then I went back and forth arguing with him. I noticed that I was just trying to give him a chance to say what I wanted him to say so that everything could go back to the way that it was. Then I realized, “he is telling you who he is with every action, every statement, every way that he does or does not respond to your cries, believe him!”

Ladies, if he ignores your feelings in the beginning, he will ignore them throughout your relationship. That is who he is. If he calls you out your name, then that is who he is. If he is emotionally distant and unavailable, that is who he is. If he puts his friends before you, then that is who he is.

Don’t be scared. You got this. I have to remind myself that there was a time that I was just fine before I met him and that I will be fine when he is gone. . . and voila, things are back to normal 🙂 Hey look, I never told you how long it takes to get to the voila stage ok. . . it could take a few days or weeks or months. But it will come and you will be fine.


A Lamentation

I wrote this from a different viewpoint in Christianity. The context in which individuals view God as a ruler on high and we are helpless and small. The rescuer and the victim. The father and the child perspective. This is not necessarily the perspective from which I see the source of our being generally, but this is a real human experience/emotion. So here it is

A Mothers Lament

How could you, oh lord, how could you
How could you let my child burn?
As a parent I try to understand you oh lord, up until now it has been the only way I knew how
But the day you let my baby girl experience one the most feared physical pains known to men until her untimely death I did not understand you at all

How could you, oh lord, how could you?
How could you let my child be raped?
Oh yee who sees all things, hears all things, and is always everywhere
How could you know it is coming, listen to it happening, and witness my child’s innocence stolen?

How could you oh lord, how could you?
How could you let my child see his father beaten to death?
That horrific event seared into his memory for the rest of his life as his father, engaged in a power struggle, is overcome and his pride stolen, why?

How could you oh lord, how could you
What is omniscience for, if not to know what your children need?
What is omnipotence for, if not to rescue the weak?
What is omnipresence for, if not to be there for the innocent?
I hate this about you oh lord, I do!
With every ability to act you do not save my children

Why lord, why?
After allowing my children to be burned, violated, and demoralized, will you then open your gates and comfort them?
I do not understand lord, I do not understand why I cannot protect my babies, and you just plain don’t

Give your power to the mothers of the world so that they may fulfill their desire to protect their babies!
So that we may have a song of victory lord, instead of a lament
So that we no longer have to cry out to you after our children have already been burned, violated, and demoralized
So that we no longer have to ask you why

Re~birthing Process

So I am making connections again with my Christianity. Coming into the realization that just like anything else, not everyone is going to agree with how you go about things. It just has to be authentic inside. I am working on a piece about religious tolerance. When it is ready I will post it. I am excited about it so I can’t wait to finish but it needs to be right 🙂 So for now, here is a little prayer to kick off a new point in my life where I am feeling more validated about my own beliefs. . .


A prayer

Source of my being, hear me the way that I know that you will. I know that you have given me everything that I need to live this life. . . but right now I feel like it is all gone. I love and then I hate. I am smart and then I am stupid. I am clear and then I am confused. I am creative and then I am empty. In my silence oh creator, please feel me in what I feel. Be where I am and understand me. Please show me where to find what you gave me to handle this hard life, I know it is there, but I forget where I put it while I am doing all of these things that distract me from my truth. Please help me find my clarity again. Please help me find my creativity, my intelligence, and my love. Please help me to care for those who need my care. Please help me to protect those who need my protection. Please help me to complete the work I need to complete. And please God, be with my babies especially in those times that they feel like they don’t have any gifts or can’t find what you gave them. And please make real that protective bubble that I visualize around them each day to protect them from the world and those evil things that might misplace them. And source; help me to feel you inside me so that in respect for you I might respect myself and those who are in my presence. Continue to seek me out the way that you always have. Continue to allow me to feel you with me as I always have.

Honesty and Connection

You know who

Personal Reflection

I feel my soul evolving. Something happened to me after the Sunday that the Pastor talked about hell and the lack of evidence thereof. My whole life christianity has been nothing but a huge act of coercion resulting in fear and co-dependence. Hanging on for dear life because I was scared. But then something happened. . . I was no longer afraid. What now?

Now nothing speaks to me. The montra is dead to me. The terms are no longer valid. I feel like I am in a familiar town where all the of shops have closed down and the familiar faces have moved away.

I have found a new way to feed my soul. My study of the Tarot has brought me great sense of empowerment and surprisingly has wisdom tied to biblical history. My new journey leads me to the Kabbalah.

The way that I figure out what my truth is I go into a room all by myself and I make a statement to myself. If I can say it, then it is true. If I can’t say it then it isn’t the truth. . . I never have been able to lie to myself out loud.

I can no longer sit in that room and say that I am a Christian. . .

The Tarot. . . for me

Hi! I am Jenaya. Welcome to my new blog. It is dedicated to my personal reflections regarding inner spiritual awakenings.

One of my tools of introspection is the Tarot. My journey began about two years ago. I was in desperate need of a way to build my spirit and even more desperate to figure out a way to trust myself to make my own decisions. I had been co-dependent. The first thing I would think when I faced a difficult decision would be, “who can I call to ask what to do about this?”.

Some how I began to research the Tarot. I think I was looking for some one to do a reading for me, but then I am always trying to figure out how to do something for myself if I can and finally I applied this attitude to my decision making.

My first deck was an Oracle deck actually. It is ~The Enchanted Map~ by Collette Baron-Reid. I followed the directions for the spread and did my own reading. I interpreted the message and then something happened… I realized what I needed to do… and I figured it out on my own through the law of attraction. My subconscious spoke to me through the cards and I figured it out. I made my own decision! I felt Empowered!

Some time after I decided to get myself a Rider-Waite 78 card deck. The deck didn’t speak to me though and it just sat there. Then I looked for another oracle deck. I had questions about motherhood and wanted something specifically for those reflections. The Map deck is for where I am going personally.

This is when I found ~The Mothers Wisdom Deck~. Beautiful wisdom and art helped me to reflect as a mother.

Finally I decided to look for a 78 card deck that reflected interracial art. The traditional photos that only depict European faces really doesn’t reflect the world as it looks to me. Plus, I am mixed race! So I found my current and favorite deck, ~ sun and moon tarot~. I am drawn into the deck wanting to study them every day and my confidence has increased now.

I reference ~The Tarot~ written by Paul Foster Case. I am also about to begin coloring my own deck. I will post the photos and explanations of each major trump starting within the next 72 hours.

Thank you for reading my blog. My personal purpose within the world of Tarot is to show others their own personal inner power thereby eliminating the need to be controlled by peoples and systems. You were born with all that you need. The great I AM is inside you. You only need to tap into it.